Official Podcast Now Posted!

The Official Navy SEAL & SWCC podcast, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday", is now posted in the Downloads section []. Hear from real, active duty Navy SEALs, SWCC, and key support staff from NSW as they talk training, requirements, ethos, and more. Hooyah!
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What Dress uniforms do Navy Seals wear?

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  • What Dress uniforms do Navy Seals wear?

    Do ALL Navy Seals wear crackerjacks or do you only wear crackerjacks until you're at a certain rank? Thank you

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    From the Navy SEAL to the Navy Corpsman, they wear the same dress uniforms as other Naval specialties. The difference is the Warfare & rate insignia's(Rate insignia is found on enlisted Personnel Uniforms). Of course there is a difference in chief & officer uniforms...which your answer can be found on google.