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What does the Navy consider “prior service?”

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  • What does the Navy consider “prior service?”

    I’ve read in a few different places online that if you have less than 180 days consecutive active duty time, then you are considered non-prior service for enlistment purposes. However, I have found some other places online that contradict this. Can someone with knowledge on this subject clarify what the Navy considers to be prior service?

    I am currently in the Army National Guard serving a 6 year contract and although I’ve done a good bit of active duty service here and there, there was never a time in my enlistment where I was serving active duty time for 180 consecutive days. I am an E-5 and plan on joining the Navy with a SEAL contract in 2 years, after I get my bachelor’s degree. Also, I enlisted in 2013, so what are the odds this year group is being accepted in 2020? Any helpful information is appreciated!

    Update: At the time of my Navy enlistment, 2013 actually might not be considered my year group because it is calculated by subtracting all active duty days from the current day. Therefore my year group would probably be considered 2018 or 2019. Is this correct?
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    Yes, your active duty days are counted up. If you exceed 180 days total active duty time then you are considered prior service. But, as you state, your year group is calculated the same way. So if it adds up to a year group in 2018 or 2019, there is a good chance you'll be able to apply.
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      Scott Williams Thank you for clearing that up.