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NSW options for 34yo no prior service

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  • NSW options for 34yo no prior service


    I’m hoping to just get a quick bit of input if possible by anyone who has the info. I just turned 34 a few days ago. I have no prior military experience, however I was in jrotc throughout high school. I have a bachelors degree and have worked for the US Congress as a legislative aide in my 20s. I also speak Mandarin Chinese as I worked in Taiwan for a short time.

    All that said, my dream has always been to be in NSW in some format. It’s one of those what started as a whisper has turned into a scream type thing. I have a lot of relevant experience in my life and have taken a bunch of practice ASVABs and have scored well on them and am in good shape. I just have regret for not making the most of what I know I can be via military experience.

    I just wanted to ask if my age of 34 is way past the point of no return for any role within NSW? I know 28 is the cut of for SEAL try outs but just thought I’d ask if there are other supplemental roles besides SEAL/SWCC I could still try out for within NSW at my age?

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    I believe you can get a waiver for age if you prove to be a worthwhile candidate.


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      Based on what I’ve seen on here over the years, obtaining a waiver at 34 for SEALs is very unlikely. Your chances may increase if you have spectacular scores all around. Others in your position have been told they’d be excellent candidates for SWCC. Perhaps Scott Williams will give it to you straight


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        For NSW you may be a little late, but try for a waiver. If not and you just want to serve, the Navy will still take you I believe. Find a job you have interest in just incase your first doesn't happen and maybe look for something that may have you involved in a support role. Also, if you want, use that degree and try to become an officer if you an interest towards that.


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          Well, as I’m sure you already know, the age cutoff is 29. Getting a waiver for a little older shouldn’t be a problem but you’re 34, so I highly doubt you’d be able to snag a waiver and get an SO contract. The oldest guy to go into SEAL training was Drago at 31. But that being said, there’s no harm in trying.