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Overseas cybersecurity work and clearance? Enlisting from outside of USA?

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  • Overseas cybersecurity work and clearance? Enlisting from outside of USA?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if working overseas at private companies in cybersecurity would be detrimental to my background check and acquisition of clearance? I recently did a CTF competition in Japan and was offered a potential job in Tokyo, and an internship in Tel Aviv, Israel. I have a nontraditional education(no degree) and I get the impression that working for companies overseas could be very good for both my resume and skill development. My current ideal scenario would be to take the Israel internship for a few months, and then work in Tokyo for about a year and a half so I can send my family money(mom and sister both in debt) and establish some decent baseline financials while I work on refining my run times, and then enlist from within Tokyo.

    Current age is 23, so I would be enlisting around age 25. All of the fitness requirements and recommendations are pretty easy for me to hit except run times(aiming for sub 19 5k, around 22 right now)

    With that said, my dream is to become a SEAL and if this would compromise that goal then I would probably be better off not doing it and instead focusing on run times for a speedier enlistment.

    So given this scenario, my main questions are as follows:

    1. Would this hurt my ability to obtain security clearance?

    2. Can I enlist with a challenge contract while working in a foreign country?(Japan and Israel specifically)

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    Not necessarily, but it may slow down your security background check. You will need to provide the name and contact info for all of your foreign contacts. Keep good records.
    Hard to enlist if there's no recruiter. We have none in Israel or Japan. We have fleet recruiters (not the same thing, can't sign up civilians) and a mentor that travels there once a quarter or so, but he can't sign you up either. You'll have to come to the US for that.
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      Thank you so much, I will make sure to keep good records and account for a return to the US to begin the enlistment process.


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        Do it. The Navy and the SEAL Teams will always be there. This opportunity won't. You can't forget to enjoy your life and experience it because you are so focused on reaching the proverbial "finish line". I see a lot of young guys give up life experiences because they are so focused on becoming a SEAL. What happens if you don't make it? You can't get that time back. You'll regret not being present and experiencing life later on. We don't stay young forever man. I hope this helps.