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  • A good plan?

    Hello everyone, I would like to see how my plan for the SO pipeline sounds to others. For some background on myself, I am a senior in high school involved in the swim and track teams. I also have five years of football under my belt. I am a certified SCUBA diver with around 20 logged ocean dives. I am also a certified lifeguard and love the water. I have been interested in military service since I was a young child, but in middle school, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the one of a kind brotherhood that the teams offer. That is my mission statement, I have come to believe that everyone should decide what makes them want this so bad... and for me, it is belonging to the brotherhood. I am not by any means an exceptional athlete, I strive to be well rounded, I can throw up the most weight on my swim team in the gym, and I can hold my own on a long distance run with the track guys. My swim coach lets me practice the CSS for a good portion of practice, and my most recent 500 yard CSS was clocked at 7:33. Here is where I would like to begin getting advice: my plan so far is to enlist at the end of the school year and earn my contract over the summer, when I can meet with the mentor up to 3 times a week. What would you guys do knowing the info I have given you? Basically, I am asking for advice on what my recruiting timeline should look like. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Do not enlist until you hit autoqual PST scores several times in a row. It's just smart to wait until you are well prepared until you get the ball rolling. I've been in DEP (Delayed Entry Pool) since March (finishing out school, college) and have seen tons of guys come through and fail their PST or fail to autoqual. Those guys never do as well in their pipelines and several have actually failed out of boot because they were not able to pass the PST in boot. Your boot scores will be significantly less impressive than your DEP PST scores.
    Other than that, your plan sounds good. Your swim time is killer. Just keep working for it.


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      many seals have said go to college first even if you plan to enlist. this way life as an adult can kick your *** a bit before buds gets a chance to. plus if being a SEAL is what you really want to do than some time working in the real world will give fantastic motivation not to quit.