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Prior service Navy pursuing SEAL contract

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  • Prior service Navy pursuing SEAL contract

    I am 26 years old with 6 years of active duty Navy service from 2011-2017. I am currently working with a prior service recruiter to pursue a SEAL contract. He believes that the best way forward is to enlist into the Reserves and then work with the local NSW mentor and get a new active duty contract through him, overriding the reserve contract. Is this possible? Because I have been out less than 2 years, this would allow me to bypass the MEPS medical screening and going back to boot camp. He also says this will allow me to keep my pay grade of E5 because going in straight to active duty will lead to going it as an E3, which currently has a high year tenure of 6 years. Does this sound like a reasonable plan, or should I push for an active duty contact anyway? I have no interest in the reserves except if it is a path to being a SEAL.
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    I don’t know the answer to your question. But I don’t suggest doxxing yourself