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Question. Ship dates after receiving a Contract

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  • Question. Ship dates after receiving a Contract

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've read on the forum it sounds like after you get contracted you usually ship out 1-3 months later. Is this true? Do you have a choice when you ship or is it just random? If I got a contract in November could I expect a ship date in Dec or Jan? I'm a little confused and would like some clarification. Thanks!

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    I have heard of cases where guys asked for a farther out ship date to prep more and it was granted. However it probably depends and could be situation based.


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      Yeah, that's kinda what I thought. Just trying to plan ahead. Don't want to end up in BUD/s in the winter. I'd like to believe that I'd still make it through but I don't want to test it.


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        If you leave in december you still have boot camp, bud/s prep and bud/s orientation before first phase actually starts. Also, if you get there before a class starts you will be waiting. If you're worried about going to bud/s in the winter maybe you should seriously think about your reasons. Even if you go in "perfect" weather you are still gonna be tested like any other class. Don't forget about all the cold weather training you got to do as well after bud/s. Have fun!