Scout Team Road Trip

Would you be interested in attending an event to find out more about us and maybe get in a little workout? We're putting together a list of places for a road trip. PM Scott Williams (Admin)and tell him your location.
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PST testing

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  • PST testing

    When do you actually take your test to see if you qualify for buds? Since you have to do your 2 years before you can go to buds is the PST done at MEPS or is it done at a later date when you are actually eligible?

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    Re: PST testing

    You only do 2 years in service before BUD/s if you are currently in the Navy on AD from what I understand. PST is done periodically during DEP after you sign with a recruiter and have finished MEPS/ASVAB/etc. Lots of threads about or you can discuss it with recruiters or admin here.