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    Im 17 years old and a senior in high school. I've been working with a recruiter recently to get me in contact with my local SEAL coordinator so that i can get a contract. Going to MEPS on October 3rd to take the ASVAB and physical. After that I'll get in touch with the coordinator. My question is; My recruitor told me that since what i want is to get a SEAL contract i do not have to pick another job in the Navy. Im guessing this means i will be QNJ. Is this the best choice for me? Im under the impression that this will give me more time to work with the coordinator and get my PST scores to where i want them rather than being on the clock if i were to DEP. Not that my PST scores are bad, i just want to get them to a point were i will have no problem getting contracted. I havent even taken the CSORT yet or talked to the recruiter about it but im guessing thats after the ASVAB. Any information is much appreciated. Thanks

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    Yes QNJ is the best route for anyone looking for a so challenge contract. Praise your recruiter for allowing you to do QNJ because most will not even talk to you if you mention QNJ because they don't think you're serious enough, they expect you to DEP because then they still have a recruit if you don't manage to get a contract. So yes QNJ all the way and thank your recruiter! After you pass your first pst you will then take your csort and start putting packages forward for drafts.


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      Yes and HE is the one that mentioned it to me! I had no clue about QNJ before! He seems very honest. Thank you for the input!


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        Just curious, what is QNJ?


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          Qualified No Job.
          So you'll go through MEPS but not pick any job. Then it's up to you to get a challenge contract; the challenge contract will be your first contract.