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  • What are my chances?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I wanted to know what my chances of obtaining a Seal Contract might be at this time. I know that PST is a major factor that determines if you get a contract or not, but I was told by my recruiter they also look at the person as a whole. My recruiter wants me to take an official PST in August, a little less than a month from now, but I feel like my numbers won't land me a contract at this time. I am wondering if I should hold off until my PST improves.

    Current PST
    Swim 10:35
    Push-ups 110
    Curl ups 56
    Pull ups 17
    Run 9:50
    AFQT: 83

    Bachelors Degree from UCLA with a 3.3 GPA
    23 years old, 5"11 210lbs 10% body fat
    No medical waivers or health issues

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    Try bringing your swim time down and your curl ups up. You could also work on your run too. The C-SORT also plays a role in it too. Just work hard to get your numbers as competitive as possible.


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      Try bringing the swim to 9:30, sit ups to 75, & run to 9:30 & you should be good. Of course smoke the optimums as well. The CSORT is something that everyone takes but isn't as heavily weighed as it used to be, says my mentor. The test is also something you can't study for so don't sweat it. Focus on getting a decent asvab score as well. I'm looking froward to hearing about your progress.


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        I asked my recruiter about the csort and he said I probably won't have to take it, and if I do it won't have much effect at all. I learned the CSS two days ago so that's something I forsure need to practice with. I got a 83 on asvab but was told there was no need to take it again.

      • Roboscout 302
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        That sounds right! Right on! If your Specwar group has swim clinics/workouts you can attend then by all means go get the help so you can get that contract! The ones near me was what got me to my goals (pst & fitness wise).

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      Oh I didn't know the C-SORT didn't play a role anymore. Sorry for the misleading info.