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    Okay so I have been preparing for the SEAL PST since I was 12 years old I have always wanted to be a Navy Seal and have been preparing physically and mentally for buds as best I could. I joined the track and cross country teams in high school to help with my running. Turns out I am a decent runner with a 4:38 mile, 10:04 two mile, and a 16:20 5K. Even at 175 pounds. I also do a lot of lifting/calisthenics on top of running (6-8 miles) every day roughly lifting for 5-6 days a week for 3ish hours. I can do about 25 pull ups fresh, but normally I do several sets of 12 pull ups supersetted with push ups which helped increase my pull ups more. I do quite a bit of bodybuilding splits as well which I know is not exactly how I should be training but to be quite honest I really enjoy doing those exercises as well. I haven't attempted any style of Olympic lifting due to no knowledge on how to. I don't swim often now, I am a proficient swimmer at best, I will be swimming 4 days a week over the summer when I have more time available. My typical day consists of school, followed by my track/XC practice, then dinner and an hour of rest, followed by going to the gym until 11, then coming home afterwards and eating more, then sleeping. My diet is a lot of food mainly consisting of a lot of carbs (500-600G) and (170G) of protein. Other than that I do not really regulate what I eat. The final thing I have tried to do is test my willpower with the hardest thing I have ever done being climbing Everest on the Jacobs ladder in a single day (taking roughly 8 hours) and I burned about 6500 - 7000 calories, at least that is what the machine said. I also do a lot of hiking and backpacking and scuba diving. I really want to be a Seal so if anyone has any advice on what to on top of what I currently am doing please let me know. But when I went into the Navy recruiter a few days ago, they didn't seem to take me very seriously. I am 17 years old and got an 83 on their practice ASVAB. I am guessing they get a lot of applicants and I am just another kid with the same dream. Any advice? Also, how competitive is getting a SEAL contract to begin with. He said it was formatted like a NFL draft on picking out a contracts. Finally, I have to get a lot of deep tissue massages, E-Stim, foam rolling, and just a lot of stretching to help prevent injury so I don't know if I can keep my program up without these.

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    How tall are you? 175 pounds seems to leave room for improvement. I can improve a lot, too. Do you think you can pass the SEAL PST? Did you know the AFSOC PAST(Physical Ability and Stamina Test) is pass/fail? Also, you may wanna check out army. Hey you may end up doing something you don't want to do in US Navy. With that being said, SEAL is seemingly the best career in the military. You should go for it. Do it early if you can. I'm 29, you're 17. I wanted to be a SEAL from age 18, but I've had trouble with the PST.

    You should try to lose weight, unless you're taller than 6'3. That is a big booster! You will get better as the years go on as well... with that being said, age 18 is the best age. Most guys are not in the right shape at 18 I think.. could be wrong.


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      I am around 5'10 or 5'9 with about 11% BF last time I checked. I am already pretty lean so it would be a little difficult to do any serious cut. What I think I need to do is stop doing bodybuilding splits, and lose almost all of the unnecessary muscle and stop taking creatine. I can do roughly 95 push ups in 2 minutes fresh, like I said 25 pullups fresh, I haven't done any sit-up tests but I can do a 5 minute plank. Finally my run time isn't a problem at all I can run a 10:00 2 mile so I am not worried about that. Swimming is what I need to work on the most. I think with a little more training I am confident I can score highly on the PST.

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    What's your swim time? If you want to get to work on that, post a 100Y video in the swim critique section and I'll take a look at it and provide you a detailed critique.


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      Do you know combat side stroke? That is a MUST. You must know that before going into BUDS
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        If your running 16 minute 5ks your conditioning is good enough that you could have a sub 7:30 swim. I don't have the best swim technique but I come in under 7:30 every time (under 7 if it's a 25 yard pool) just due to not stop kicking and taking fast strokes and pushing hard af off the wall. Forget that glide stuff unless you have really great technique - just tear across the pool as fast as you can. All the guys in my training group who swim under 8 minutes do it the same way relying on fitness over natural ability