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  • Unofficial PST Scores 2018

    Hello everybody I’m almost 20 and I’ve been training for SWCC for about a month and a half.

    PST August 5th 2018
    Swim CCS 500yds-13:40
    Pull ups-10
    Run 1 mile-9:13

    PST September 24th 2018
    Swim 500 yd CCS-10:15
    Sit-ups -79
    Pull ups -18
    1.5mile run-11:45

    Running has always been a struggle for me, but it all takes hard work and time. Hoping to go to a recruiter in December when my scores get better and sign in March or April.
    Tell me what you think
    any suggestions on running?
    I would love to hear some scores from you all.


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    If you do just a bit of research on here, you will quickly find dozens of ways to improve your running.


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      The best way to improve your running, is run! Simple as that!
      "The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself."-Douglas MacArthur


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        Originally posted by Hapunan View Post
        The best way to improve your running, is run! Simple as that!
        I second Hapunan’s response but to be more specific, do interval running! Long & short intervals including fartlek & tempo runs to your program will bring that run time down! The PTG is a great resource & Hal Higdon’s cross country & track/field exercise plans are good too!


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          I agree with the guys above but remember if you focus on your running a ton your strength exercises are probably going to suffer, which seems to be the opposite of your results currently. I’m guessing you gained weight getting stronger so make sure that while you train your running you can still keep your other scores up.


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            I bought Stew Smith SWCC program about 9 weeks ago, that’s what I’ve been using. It focuses on every aspect of crushing the PST and getting you prepared for other things such as some of the swimming exercises and log carries etc.

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          I've seen Stew Smiths program if I'm not mistaken it does have interval sprints and tempo runs correct?Just continue to do his program. If you want you can also just do Jeff Nichols running program. I would cut out all the other running from Stews program if you are going to use Jeff's though.


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            Yeah Stew Smith’s program has some interval training but no interval sprints. I like Jeff Nichols so after I’m done with Stews program, I’ll give Jeff’s a try.