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  • Pullup tips?

    Official PST

    9:25 swim
    78 push
    75 sit
    11 pull
    9:11 is run

    Any tips to improving pull ups? (I searched and couldn't find PST tips) Any success with Pyramid pull ups? I am currently plateaued using the PTG, 4x6 pull-up workout 4 times a week. All suggestions are appreciated.

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    I say just max ‘em out. I liked to do 3 max sets back to back with one minute rest in between.

    Bust out some negative reps too when you’re burned out.

    Practice hanging from the bar as long as you can. I noticed my grip burns out and my pull ups suffer.

    Lift heavy too. Like if you want to do lat pull downs, seated/standing rows, etc... lift heavy and max out those reps.

    If you train to do a targeted number of sets, you’ll only be good as those number of reps. So biggest key is max out those reps.


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      Pyramid pull-ups have worked for me personally. You might also try weighted pull-ups if you have access to weights. Generally switching up your ordinary routine will help get you past most plateaus.
      In the future, try searching around a bit for this information; it has already been widely discussed in the forums.


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        Make pull-ups habitual to your workouts. I'm a heavy built guy, and pull-ups have never been easy for me. I resented pull-ups because they were my weakness. I fixed this by learning to love them, I started doing them a whole lot. I directly equated my pull up improvement as a sign I was getting more prepared for BUD/S, and my brain loved that. I'm still no stud under that bar, but now I've built myself a solid foundation to get to the training. Best of luck to you.


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          I’ve concluded I just need to do more, so I'm going to grease the groove supplementing the PTG’s pull ups with pyramid sets (and eventually weighted). Thanks for the replies.


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            This forum is always a good place to get your questions answered! Plenty of good people out here to help us prepare to get some.

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          I've found that shoulder dip exercises along with some shoulder presses sprinkled in with a pull-up regimen greatly increased my upper body strength in general. Remember that you're gonna do a lot of different upper body strength exercises in BUD/S, so it's good to have some variety in your workout to have the best chance of success


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            Could try weighted pull ups or weighted negative pull ups. Do less reps and take that weight off in a few days and I guarantee you'll surprise yourself! Could also try some extra chest, lats, and triceps exercises. Best of luck!


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              Try installing one in your bedroom doorway if you can and every time you want through it do five or six, and then keep upping it as you get more comfortable.


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                100% recommend the Armstrong pull-up program. Every week, I increased by at least 1 pull-up more than the previous week (usually 2 more), and that number adds up quickly