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    Hey guys! So I'm planning to enlist this November and I have been training specifically for Navy SEAL training for about 2-3 months now. My recent PST which I did this morning was this

    Swim: 8:00

    Pushups: 100

    Situps: 82

    Pullups 17

    Run: 9:15

    When I first started training I ran an 11:00 min 1.5 mile LOL.

    I want to hear what you guys think. I am excited about these scores! I know that I could definitely improve my situps, pullups, and my run. Do you guy think these are competitive scores? The PST calculator has me at 750ish. What do yall think? Tips and advice are welcome also if you have any question please ask. Thanks, guys!

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    Shave some time off the run, and make sure your form is flawless (including CSS), and you’ll be set.