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Mock PST's (waiting on waivers)

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  • Mock PST's (waiting on waivers)

    I've mocked several times. I was right at the minimums coming into this thing over the course of 6 months I've made pretty good progress. Ready to go ahead and lock in something on paper.

    Most recent mock:


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    Why are your waivers taking so long, seems like whoever is looking into them is lolly gagging by the looks of your posts, you said 4months you've been waiting in another post? I'd assume if you can proove whatever it is thats being waivered is no longer an issue it shouldn't take longer than a month or two? Correct me if I am wrong please.

    Reach out to your recruiter and see if they can put some pressure on for them to be expedited?

    If I had PST scores like that id be on fire to join and putting the pressure on for those waivers to be expedited yesterday... Navy might miss out on you if they take to long to pick you up, I hear the Army has good career paths too...
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      I've mentioned this before in a different thread, but the bad news is waivers take a long time. Many months' worth of long time. Yeah, it sucks, and we at NSW can do nothing about it. You'll have to practice patience to reach your goal. Just gives you more time to sharpen your PST and get your mind right. Good luck.
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        I expressed my interest in joining the Navy and I was blessed to get a recruiter that was 100% behind me. Pursuing professional combat sports while I wait on things to move along. I have much respect for the Army but my hearts set on the Navy here. I'll just continue to wait and move in the right direction, though I may swing by and see my recruiter soon! I never expressed any career path plans or anything just did my research and went to work.

        Thanks for the advice guys and thank you.

        Pushing forward from Texas.


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          What's your waiver for?


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            Aug 27th 2018 I started my process. Waiver was approved this past Wednesday. Took one whole year. Wish I would've knew it would have been that long. But meps doctor said mines was complicated