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Do you think I can see a recruiter?

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  • Do you think I can see a recruiter?

    Hi everyone!

    Since the SEAL + SWCC shippers section is no longer in existence, it’s been hard to gauge what scores people are getting contracted with.

    I’ve been training for the PST and BUD/S for some time now, and I wanted to know if I can see a recruiter, and get a contract on my first try with these mock scores:

    9:08 swim
    83 push-ups
    80 sit ups
    20 pull ups
    8:50 run

    Some other things:

    -23 year old college graduate, working full time in finance
    -Took a few practice ASVABs as a refresher, and should knock that out of the park
    -No moral or medical waivers needed. Just an appendectomy that I had back in HS
    -Averaging 25-26 minutes on 4 mile timed runs
    -Been swimming up to 2 miles in the open water w/ fins

    Thank you all in advance!

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    I see no reason why you shouldn't go see a recruiter, if you're needing someone to tell you to go see a recruiter here it is...
    "Get your *** in gear future Sailor and go see a recruiter already!"

    I went and spoke with one and am initiating the process, my PT scores are nowhere even near the minimums but its better to start and complete something slowly than to not begin it.

    You are not solely contracted based on PST scores or ASVAB scores, they look at the Total Man and see what your skills, character etc etc is like. They know more about you than you think

    Doesn't matter if you get it on the first try or not, what matters is that you get it and complete the Program. Know your General orders of the Navy for your PST as well. You may get Beat after the PST is over with depending who is in charge and thats when you may be tested on General orders as well, all depends who is doing the PST.
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      BearPole I just want to make sure that I come in as prepared as possible. I feel that by crushing the PST on day 1, it will make a good impression, and it demonstrates how serious I am about this program. And by crushing the PST, it will give me more time in DEP to focus on actually getting through BUD/S

      aquaman5342 Can I PM you directly? I have a few other questions I'd like to ask. Thank you!
      "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." -Thomas Paine