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SWCC ? I know what the auto qual numbers are but ...

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  • SWCC ? I know what the auto qual numbers are but ...

    I know what the auto qual numbers are but has anyone seen guys get contracted SWCC with these scores ? Just curious.

    Swim 10:15
    Push 55
    Sit 80
    Pull 10
    Run 9:58

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    Those are awesome numbers. In my opinion you shouldn't have issues. Just keep focusing on a %1 improvment everyday.

    I don't really understand the whole numbers game that is played for qualifying seems like a gimmick, I was told they are just in place to make sure you can swim, run and are strong enough that you wont break. %75 or more of the people who have good numbers flop out of training anyways, boohoo, shoulda focused on your mind more. Worry about the total man aspect. I was raised to focus on the mental aspects of the pipeline, Integrity, Team work, example setting and finally the never quit attitude. NSW can make you stronger and faster but they sure as hell won't be able to teach character or integrity, that's something you have before you enter and is sharpened by leading by example during the pipeline.

    Keep doing what you're doing and focus on the total man aspect as well. Id happily take the guy who maxes out at 55 push ups in 2min who has solid character over the meathead that does 100 pushups in 2mins that has zero character. Woopty doo, you can have good numbers on a PST but do you have the character, wit and grit to back it up? Focus on the mental aspect of being an integrity filled leader, Maintain good numbers and lead by example in your actions.
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      Thanks for the advice and taking time to respond to me!! I seriously think i have enough grit, determination and discipline to make it though whatever program i ultimately choose to go for. I went from 225lbs down to 160lbs training for this and my first PST scores were Swim 13:05 Push 33 Sit 44 Pull 0 Run 12:05 so slowly improving!!

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    I got contracted SWCC with a pst score of.
    11:12 swim
    60 pushups
    62 sit-ups
    15 pull ups
    11:30 run
    So I would say yeah those are good scores.