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Utah Visit

Meet and Greet: For those who want more information about us, we'll be at The Wall on BYU campus Thursday, Sept. 10 from 6-9 p.m. No admission charge.
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Scout Team Road Trip

Would you be interested in attending an event to find out more about us and maybe get in a little workout? We're putting together a list of places for a road trip. PM Scott Williams (Admin)and tell him your location.
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Best Chances to Become SEAL Officer?

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  • Best Chances to Become SEAL Officer?

    I know that the percentage for acceptance into the SEAL program through the Naval Academy is low (15%?). What are the chances for OCS or a NROTC program, and are those better routes?

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    Re: Best Chances to Become SEAL Officer?

    Same number taken from NROTC and Naval Academy routes, according to NROTC friends here, including one who went to mini-BUD/S this past summer.
    OCS, I believe, takes approximately a dozen in a year (on > 200 applicants, according to posters on the Navy OCS website)