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    Is there any data on recent selection rates for OCS slots, how many slots are available each year, etc.? Is there a threshold PST that would make an officer candidate much more likely to be selected? I bring lots of work experience and no waivers to the table, but I'm concerned that won't be enough to compete with guys who speak multiple foreign languages and have LOR's from Congressmen. My self-administered PST scores put me in the average-optimum range and I am starting the PT guide as soon as exams are over and I get some semblance of a routine back. I understand scores must exceed optimum to even be looked at. I have one more year of law school to prepare myself before I can apply, just trying to realistically gauge where I'll stand once I get my PST up to spec and make myself as competitive as possible when the time comes.

    Thanks, all.

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    Re: Selection Rates

    Check through this link if you haven't already, there is a lot of good information here.

    Last I heard was it was around 6-10 a year. Currently, there is only one OCS selection board a year. I would start sooner rather than later and try to get everything ready for the next board as there is a decent amount of waiting time.

    PST is one of the biggest factors and your scores need to be beyond excellent. I would shoot for a swim in the 7s to low 8s and a run in the 8s. On top you want a really competitive academic profile. Work on trying to get LORs from current or former SEAL officers.

    I also would recommend you head over to and register. There is a section dedicated to NSW and you can see some of the profiles you will be up against.

    If nothing changes, the next board will potentially be in March of 2013. I would shoot for getting your package in by then and to start working with an officer recruiter as soon as possible. Applying and getting to OCS is a long process so I would start now.