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    If I participate in NROTC in college, am I required to join as an officer? Or do I still have the option to enlist. It is officer training so I would assume that I would have to join as an officer but I have not heard anyone touch on this yet.

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    If you do NROTC in college after a year or two (maybe less) they will expect you to contract as an officer.


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      Not sure about ROTC, but my recruiter mentioned that he's heard of USNA grads that didn't get selected for SEAL Officer giving up their commission and enlisting with a Challenge Contract. So... maybe


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        I would just call a school with NROTC and ask them directly just realize that NROTC is a huge commitment, theres a lot that goes along with it besides just waking up at 530am to workout.


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          My dad was a NROTC Midshipman. If you go through the NROTC program, you will be commissioned as an officer after signing your commissioning contract. This happens at the beginning of your 3/C year (Sophomore year) of college; if you drop out after signing this contract, you are required to serve enlisted for a certain set of years (two if I remember correctly). There is no option for joining enlisted if you are a NROTC Midshipman fulfilling your contract.
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            I was actually struggling with this decision pretty recently as well. My point of view was that if I went and did NROTC, and did not get selected for one of the (I believe around 12 slots) for all NROTC officer candidates, I would either give up my dream as a SEAL officer or have to become enlisted. I decided to reach out to my local BGO recently and try and get accepted to the Naval Academy. Looking at the statistics, you are much more likely to earn an officer spot going through the Academy than through NROTC. This happened pretty recently but I have corresponded with my BGO a good bit and am meeting him face to face on the 30th. Applications for the Class of 2022 opens later this Spring and I plan to apply. I don't mind graduating 2 years later if I have more time to train, college paid for, higher statistical chance of becoming a SEAL officer, and a heck of an experience at the Academy.

            Just my thoughts man, wish you all the best.


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              If you want to be an officer do NROTC. If you want to be an enlisted SEAL enlist with the challenge contract. If you are not sure but don't want to have to make a decision right away. Just be a regular college student. Workout a ton, then graduate with a bachelor's degree. If at that point you realize you want to be an officer, you can still compete for an OCS slot through the challenge program. Though keep in mind officer candidates are held to a higher standard and need higher PST scores. A lot of SEALs have gotten their degree while in the Navy and then gone through OCS. Or they have gone through the Seaman to Admiral program. It is your choice which route you want to choose.

              For most ROTC programs, you can do the first 2 years of ROTC without any military commitment. However to move on to the 3rd year usually you have to sign a contract stating you have a commitment to the Navy (be it reserves, active duty, etc). This contract won't guarantee you any job and if you want a BUD/S slot it will be competitive. You won't find out what job you get until the end of your senior year. For more information look into the ROTC program of your choosing and ask them questions.