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STA-21 for Navy SEALs?

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  • STA-21 for Navy SEALs?

    I'm currently enlisted and having trouble getting out of my undermanned rate. I've been looking at STA-21 but understand that to do the Special Warfare option I already need to be a SEAL. But the program instruction makes it seem otherwise.. it looks like for some reason if I choose the core option (where you can pick whatever job you want) I have the option to choose SEAL or EOD. Obviously I doubt it works like that, but the instruction makes it seem otherwise. Just wondering if any of you have any more information on it. Thanks!

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    What is your current rate? Nuke? If you choose something like Nuke as your rate, then I've heard that it is difficult to switch from that because very few people are qualified and they are undermanned... It does work like that. You choose a random rate when you first enlist and once you get qualifying PST numbers and get picked up for the draft, you reclassify to a SEAL contract. But if you choose a undermanned and high qualification rate like Nuke, the Navy will make it difficult for you to switch.


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      CTN is my current rate. It's given me some pretty great opportunities but I can't take this desk job stuff any longer, not to mention my personality doesn't clash with most of these guys, because it's a tech rate where apparently the only conversation people can have with each other is about Magic card games.

      I've been trying anything I can to get my detailer to give me the okay to put in a package. But apparently they'd rather me get out of the navy than give me a chance at BUD/S. At this point I've exhausted all my options and just have to keep waiting I guess. I have 4 years to pick up a contract before my time comes to get out. Hopefully manning levels get where they need to be to allow a convert-out.


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        Same boat as you Gordon, except I'm a reservist. Looking at the CTN overview (may 4th) it doesn't look like they're that undermanned although I hear anything under 102-3% is a no-go. I to was looking at picking up a package to go to OCS, then try to start from scratch. But I hear that's even more competitive than simply trying to get converted out and accepted.

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      b16fy Yep looks like it. About a year ago the detailer told me the ECM wont approve a cross rate until we're at least at 102%.. Here we are sitting at 103.3% and it's still a no-go. We're nowhere near undermanned, but apparently they are planning to expand our rate so they don't want to let anybody out. Best of luck! Let me know if you break through and get out of the desk jockey life.


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        Put in your package anyway, even if your ECM disapproves it. Let the SO ECM take your package to the CT ECM and negotiate.
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