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  • Small But Willing (new, old one didn't work somehow)

    Ok so I just graduated high school and I'm gonna finish my core classes and then join the Navy. Being from a hunting background and enjoying shooting and being outside SEALs is something I'm interested in. My concern is I'm only 5'7" and 128 lbs so not that big, like my friends are making jokes about me joining. But Over the course of now and then I have started working out very hard with different workouts designed to prepare you for it and I have time until the. My ASVAB is high enough to get me into any intellectual job I want pretty much. Am I wasting my time thinking about SEALs? (sorry for the long post)

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    Only one who knows if they are wasting their time or not is you.


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      The shortest SEAL I've heard of was 5 feet tall. It's only a disadvantage if you think it is, 5'7" isn't that short. You're actually close to the old school SEAL size. There are many things you'll find easier than the big 6'2" 200lb guy. Depending on your leg ratio you may have to put in more running and swimming work than the average guy, but that just makes you more badass. Don't listen to A holes who make fun of you for making goals. You're preparing to become one the worlds greatest warriors, what are they doing with their lives? It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Stop wasting your time thinking about it, and go do it. Good luck.


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        Great advice, Forestman. I am 16, 5'9 and weigh 165lbs. I get a lot of different looks from people when they hear that I want to be a SEAL! Honestly, those looks give me more fuel. Similar to what both Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell say in their books about how everyone told them they could never be SEAls. The whole point is to use everything that you are given to your advantage. Don't kid yourself thinking about if and buts. Just work your a$$ off and you can do anything. It's not about being right for the job, it's about making yourself right for the job! Never quit! Cheers, brothers!


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          During one of those BUDs documentaries they had a boat crew nicknamed "the smurfs". Plenty of short people go through BUDs and pass. You just have to really want it. If you doubt yourself because of your height you will destine yourself for failure in BUDs. Just don't give up, and don't listen to your friends. Get those PST numbers up and you'll be fine.
          "The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself."-Douglas MacArthur