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College to Enlisted: Is it that common??

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  • College to Enlisted: Is it that common??

    Good evening everyone!

    As a recent college graduate, looking to take the SEAL route, I was just wondering if a lot of college graduates end up enlisting rather than going officer via OCS.

    So a little bit about myself,

    Graduated from a top ranked Catholic Jesuit University
    Economics major with a History minor
    3.4 GPA
    Inducted into Omicron Delta Epsilon (Honors Society for Econ majors)

    Leadership/Work Experience: Student government (Class Senator), former Boy Scout, had internships at my state senator's office and at a large investment bank

    Athletics: One year of club Rowing and one year of club Rugby, Track and Field/Cross Country team captain my senior year of high school

    Volunteer: High School tutor, volunteer at my local parish back home, currently volunteering at a retirement home, and did some volunteer work with Boy Scouts as well

    Mock PST Scores:

    Swim: 9:10
    Push-ups: 79
    Sit-Ups: 92
    Pull-Ups: 22
    Run: 8:56

    Of course, I am still working on improving these scores, and putting an emphasis on swimming and running.

    I understand that going to BUD/S via OCS is extremely competitive, but I don't think it would hurt to submit an OCS application, and I can definitely get my PST scores up to that optimum level by the time I put in a package.

    Worst case scenario, if I get rejected, I will be more than prepared to enlist as I will not let that get in the way of achieving my goal.

    But mainly, I just wanted to know if it was that common for college educated guys to take the enlisted route?

    Thank you again!

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    From what I have heard talking to the guys who run the PSTs and the SpecWar scouts... it is very common and a lot easier. Trying to go SpecWar as an officer you only get one shot at the PST and your scores are not currently competitive enough for officers but for enlisted you will get picked up quick b/c those are autoqual scores. Going in as enisted (w/ or w/o a college degree) you get unlimited chances to get a contract and there are a lot of contracts to be offered to guys going SO. Your scores should be at least: Swim- sub 8:15, push- 100+, sit- 100+, pull- 25+, run- sub 8:30 if you're trying to be an officer. But like i said before, you would get picked up pretty quick if you went the enlisted route. But it comes down to this: Do you wanna give orders or take orders? Good luck dude.


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      Roughly half of our enlisted SEALs have at least a four-year degree.
      Navy SEAL & SWCC Scout Team

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        I was wondering the same thing I have 2 more years of college,, then I plan on taking the SEAL route. Do I have to serve 4 years in the navy doing something else other then trying to be a SEAL first?


        • Roboscout 302
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          You can enlist with a SEAL Challenge Contract.

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        Thank you @Roboscout 302


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          Actually very common. I'd say about 45% of enlisted SEALS have college degrees... That being said, as long as you bring your numbers up, I don't see why you can't get a commissioning as an officer.