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  • Army Infantry Officer to SEAL Officer

    Good Evening All,

    I'm currently an O1 Active Duty Infantry Officer in the Army, but the path of a SEAL officer is strongly appealing to me for many reasons. The information I've read in army policy letters leads me to believe that they'd only release me once my 3y active duty service obligation is up, but by then I'd most likely be an O2(p). It's my desire to make the transfer now and attempt SOAS and BUD/s. Has anyone here heard of a situation like this coming to fruition? Your attention is appreciated.

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    Highly doubted you'll get released until your obligation is up.

    My question to you is why don't you pursue Army SF? Almost seems foolish to pursue the Navy when you're already an officer in the Army... Go try out for Army SF or pursue Ranger school....
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