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STA-21 for SEAL rather than rerate

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  • STA-21 for SEAL rather than rerate

    I am currently 22 years old and an active duty Air traffic controller 3rd class. my intent has always been to become a SEAL but due to my vision being 20/200 I was disqualified at MEPS. I've been in the navy for 2 years now and have since gotten PRK eye surgery, so I am now eligible (still awaiting shoulder waivers though) to apply for rerate to SO. Due to manning levels I have learned that the Air traffic control ECM rarely ever releases people from the rate even for special warfare, and my year group is also closed out for SO at the moment (2017). I recently learned that my ECM cannot withhold me in the rate if I get picked up for an officer program. I have always had the thought in my mind to get my degree and become an officer but never had the opportunity until I found out about STA-21. in all honestly it wouldn't matter to me whether or not I became a SEAL enlisted or officer, I have looked into both the requirements and expectations and both interest me vastly. As of now my intent is to apply for an enlisted rating conversion every quarter until I transfer commands (1.5 years) if I don't get picked up due to the reasons listed above I am highly interested in applying for STA-21 as a SEAL officer at my next command. with this being said I have a few questions after reading the SPECWAR officer option on the STA-21 page, first it states that you must already have the SEAL NEC before being commissioned. does that mean that I can't apply for this option unless I am already an enlisted SEAL or that I obviously must go to BUD/S and make it through the entire training pipeline before I can be a commissioned SEAL O? My next question is based off of all the obstacles ahead of me to get picked up as an enlisted, would it make more sense for me to scrub that option, and to put all my eggs in the basket of STA-21? lastly for anyone who has been in my position or is currently active special warfare, officer or enlisted, what would you do and why? Thank you all for reading I look forward to hearing any and all advice!