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  • Specialty Training?

    Howdy y'all,

    I'm curious as to what point in the pipeline you begin training for a specific job in the SEAL Teams. I know that in the teams there are individuals who go on to become snipers or medics. Right now my understanding is that you would be selected to just fill the role of the medic in most or all the missions you go on and the same as if you're a top sniper. Are these talents recognized at any point by your seniors and they pull you off to the side after SQT to train you for these roles or how does this work?
    Just a curious thought, but thanks for reading my **** question.

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    The Teams know everything about you before you graduate SQT. The instructors are all Team guys, and they have buddies they talk to, perhaps in their last team. So as you go through SQT and train in comms, medic, rifle, etc., the instructors might be passing along intel to their former teammates. When you graduate, the teams have already chosen who they want, based on their skills (and attitudes) to match the team's needs. After you report to a team, you may find yourself headed to the advanced breacher course, or whatever. You do not concern yourself with these thoughts for now. Your natural strengths will show themselves.
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