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Officer and enlisted sailors?

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  • Officer and enlisted sailors?

    When it comes to a security clearances does one have an upper hand in the process? Or is it the same for everyone???!

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    Re: Officer and enlisted sailors?

    What is your question?


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      Re: Officer and enlisted sailors?

      When a person is trying to obtain a security clearance; would it help to have a degree? Or does it not matter and everyone gets the same treatment?

      I was reading on the tab to become a SEAL and under the security clearance for enlisted and officers, they both say you need a security clearance but are worded differently. It's a silly question but I'm serious. Thank you.


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        Re: Officer and enlisted sailors?

        Quick answer is there is no difference, when getting a clearance.

        Please "Private Message" me on this forum if you have questions. I will respond to you at my earliest convenience.

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          Re: Officer and enlisted sailors?

          I figured but just needed clarification. Thank you.