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NJP for ARI in OCT2010

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  • NJP for ARI in OCT2010

    I am a 24 y/o; E5 sailor stationed in San Diego, my EAOS is NOV12 and am very interested in pursuing a chance at life in the SEALS. There are two major obstacles that stand in my path, on the positive side my last eval was a high EP I am up for promotion and as I understand it becomes more complicated to be accepted to training after you have made E-6, due to the waiver requirement. So this means that I need to get my package in ASAP.

    On a negative note, I received an Article 134 NJP in OCT 2010(less than 3yrs) for "public drunkenness". I was not charged by civil authorities but did receive a suspended reduction in rate, served 30 days restriction from the military, and took a 2.0 in my Military Bearing/character portion of my eval, therefore bringing my overall score to a 2.8 promotable for that cycle. Will this performance require me to submit for a waiver or does the package only require your LAST eval to have performance marks above 3.0?

    The CCC worksheet only asks.... "NJP in the last 12 months?" and "Evaluation (3.0) in every category)?" this does NOT state a time frame so I assume the most recent. NAVPERS 1200/6 question 12 asks "Have you had any legal, professional, personal problems due to alcohol use, or been diagnosed with dependence or had any level of treatment for abuse?" NAVPERS 1306/92 question 2 asks "Has member received a 3.0 on all traits, been recommended for retention and promotable or higher for advancement for 36 months", and question 3 asks "Has member had any NJP, courts martial, civil conviction, or significant involvement with civil authorities in past 36 months?" and question 4 asks "Has member had any alcohol related incidents in the past 36 months?" NAVPERS 1306/7 has a line item wants verification that "Member has clear record of NJP for ___ months as required", lastly the SF-88 asks the same question as NAVPERS 1306/92 question 12 (stated above).

    Will I need to submit a waiver for my actions in OCT 2010 or are these questions for informational purposes only?
    I know these are questions that I should be asking my CCC but sometimes that's not as easy as it sounds.

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    Re: NJP for ARI in OCT2010

    1. E6 sailors are not coming to BUD/S (waivers are not being granted)

    2. You cannot have had NJP for the past 36 months

    Definitely need to work with your CCC, if he or she has questions they can contact us here 888-USN-SEAL 0600-1600 PST M-F

    Senior Chief


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      Re: NJP for ARI in OCT2010

      Thanks Senior.