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Question about MEPS DQs and NSW DQs

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  • Question about MEPS DQs and NSW DQs

    My question is, are the MEPS disqualifications the same as NSW disqualifications? Like i'm aware of the eyesight and color blindness for NSW, but besides that, is it all the same DQs? If not, which are different?

    I also heard somewhere on here that if you need a waiver and youre trying to get a SEAL contract, don't bother. I swim a 8:30 500 yrds, I do 125 pushups, 110 situps, 30 dead hang pullups, and a 8:40 minute mile and a half run. So please tell me this isn't true.

    please someone answer both my quesitons. thank you.

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    Re: Question about MEPS DQs and NSW DQs

    No, but it does make competition harder for you. IE: someone has the same exact numbers as you but don't need waiver; chances are they'll pick them up. Those are some good *** numbers though.

    Good luck
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      Re: Question about MEPS DQs and NSW DQs

      Thanks for answering, so I assume if I need a waiver I should just get the best scores possible. My goal is to get my swim to 7:50, 135 pushups, 125 situps and 40 dead hangs. The 8:40 mile and a half is my limit and i'm not a runner and i'm a pretty big guy (5'9 187 lbs)