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  • Dual Citizens Look Here

    Hello all, this is my first post and it is aimed towards those who are US citizens born abroad and Dual Citizens. This advice is given from experience. I have read posts where people ask if they can go spec war as a dual cit or simply not one at all. This should help clarify questions.

    Plainly must be a US citizen to serve in US armed forces. If you happen to be a US citizen but a dual citizen, you *MUST RENOUNCE* your non US Citizenry. This is due to the fact that as an operator you must obtain security clearances, and if you are a citizen of another country you will be viewed as still having military obligationto that country, to cancel that obligation you must renounce citizenry.

    Attached is a pdf from DON. You can do what this requests (if you can find the right person) or simply undergo the country of which you wish to renounciate citizenships formal process.

    You can also view the DON security executive websites FAQs to confirm this the same question about dual citi and sec. Clearances is raised

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    doesn't apply to me, but good info im sure someone will need it in the future


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      Thx you this helped


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        Do you have a current link to the attached PDF? Says “Page not found”