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Waiver for drug usage and POM?

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  • Waiver for drug usage and POM?

    "Standards include disqualification of accession applicants with a history of drug and steroid abuse as well as necessity for freedom from chronic diseases that might deteriorate when in isolated non-medically supported environments, psychotropic medication use, and the option of waiver for operators who require prosthetic appliances."

    Does this mean I'll be DQd?

    I have two possession of marihuana charges on my record (one dismissed due to a bad search) and I admitted to using marihuana once. But my interviewer put on my contract that I smoked in 2010 and the last time i smoked was in March 2016. But this is a mistake. I told him and I also stated in paper that the last time and only time I smoked was in March 2010.

    ​​​I'm going to talk to the chief on Monday and hopefully he can change this. Let's say he can't. Can I be DQd from trying out for SEAL or SWCC? Let's say he can. Will I be eligible?

    By the way, I obtained a Secret Clearance and ship out on July 7th.