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Prior service Coast Guard aux to seal

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  • Prior service Coast Guard aux to seal

    First off sorry for how long this post is, I just felt like my situation is weird and needed a full explanation.

    I am 18 years old and I just finished high school this past June and I plan on enlisting for the seals after 4 years of college, however in order to graduate high school I had to complete a senior project where I chose the topic and had to give a presentation on my topic, my dad is in the coast guard and he suggested I join the CG auxiliary which is like a volunteer service and do a report on Incident command. Obviously all went well and technicaly I'm still in the CG aux because my dad said it would look good on a resume ( my parents don't know about my intentions for joining the seals ) but I'm worried that this will somehow count as prior service and may hurt my chances of getting a contract. Does anyone know what I should do, I have technicaly been in the aux for 10 months now and as I said I don't plan on talking to a navy recruiter for about 3 years any advice would be apriecated.

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    Coast guard aux is not prior service. It's kind of like being a volunteer firefighter.


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      Great thank you for responding big weight off my shoulders