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    how are ya, like so many guys my dream is to be a navy seal one day but unfortunaly i have some issues regarding my cititzenship. I was born in germany my mother is lithuanian and my dad is german and i have no conections to the states. Which already puts a wrench in my plan since you have to be a us cititzen to become seal. So my question is: Is there any way i can join the seals or aquire a cititzenship.
    Some information about my person:
    - i have no misdemeanor or felony
    - i have a diploma that equals to a high school diploma
    -i speak german, english, lithaunian, spanish, school french and try to currently learn russian and refresh my french.
    - i'm 20
    - i have a long history of martial arts expirience (wrestling, boxing, bjj, muay thai) i'm doing it for 12 years and did it professionaly for some time
    -i'm very fit in my best shape i got: 8.57, 134, 93, 30, 9:42 , keep in mind i never trained to be bether in those diciplines i just did calisthenics, padwork and sparring, i barely swam and ran in my fighting days which will change after i'm back from deployment and i'm certian i can improve in every aspect.
    -i'm currently employed by the german army and will go on a deployment to mali in october, as a machine gunner.
    - my unit is listed as a special force so i kinda have a mild idea of the lifestyle ( we recently had to run 13 miles with 130 lb of equippment after 4 days of constant exercise, little food and 3 hours of sleep, it was hilarious people dropped left and right and i **** my pants on the last 3 miles)
    -i eat garbage like pizza and such
    - i'm not good a good talker and therefore no good at selling myself.

    i still train but after my service i would i'd like to start fighting competitively again and train like a demon so i can make it through buds one day. But this would only work if i could get a waiver or the us cititzenship. It might seem a bit far fetched since my service wont be over until end of 2018, but the early bird catches the worm. I would really appreciate it if some of you guys could help me since being a seal is a dream of mine.

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    you need to be a US citizen to be a Frogman. period. You will also have to renounce any other than US citizenship to obtain security clearances. FYI every country has spec ops. If you can't join anothers try yours.
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