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    Here's my story: I want to be a SEAL, but approximately 5 years ago I had been taken to a counselor for problems with school and they prescribed be medication for depression and Adderall as well(I took them for about a month, neither of which I still take and I am not on any other medications.) About a year ago I got way too drunk and ended up getting admitted to a hospital/behavioral ward because they thought I was on drugs and acting weird(I do not do drugs and probably drink less than 5 times a year). These are the only things in my history that I'm concerned about. My questions are: do I have a chance of getting a Top Secret clearance with a waiver or am I screwed? And if I'm screwed if I try a waiver, how well would I fare just not disclosing it(be realistic, I don't care if it's crooked or not, I want to be a SEAL and I'll do what's necessary to make that happen).

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    Your best bet is to disclose everything on the SF86 form. Lying on that document is one of the quickest ways to be denied a clearance. You will be given a section to explain any incidents you disclose. As far as a waiver for Adderall or medication goes, I am not very familiar with them, but I have heard of waivers being accepted for past use, given you no longer need it and you provide a statement along with the waiver. Your recruiter could tell you more about the requirements than I could. Once again, I can’t stress enough, do not lie or cover up past incidents on the SF86 form. Generally, these types of incidents are forgivable, given they are isolated and you don’t have a very colorful history elsewhere. I hope this was helpful to you, and I welcome anyone to correct me if I am wrong on this matter. Best of luck.