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  • USMC PLC/OCS Discharge

    I am planning on being selected for and attending Marine Corps PLC during the summer of 2019. While being a USMC officer is a great honor, my dream is simply to be a SEAL. My question, however, is not which career path to chose, but about the paperwork. Does anybody know if attending PLC/OCS from the Marine Corps would make me unqualified to enlist because of 'prior service' or any other discharges like DD214 or other documents? I did do a google search and found people saying that they send you a DD214 upon being dropped, but I also found people saying that it's just like an internship and there is no discharge at all. I talked to my OSO and he said there is no DD214 until the commissioning happens. So just to wrap up, does USMC PLC/OCS interfere with enlisting in the Navy with a SO contract?

    Thank you,

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    Scott Williams,

    Thank you for your reply. I do understand what you are saying about picking one and sticking with it. I was more talking about simply attending but NOT accepting the commission. I am aware that accepting the commision d-quals someone from enlisting. The reason I wanted to attend is because the Marine Corps teaches invaluable lessons about leadership, and I have always respected the Marine Corps and want to see if I can measure up.



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      Hey man, this is a real interesting take. Oddly enough I’m in a similar boat. I have my degree so I have been pursuing OCS but as I’ve gone through everything I can’t shake the feeling I want to enlist a SEAL more than be an Officer in the Marine Corp.

      I hadn’t thought that not accepting a commission after OCS would be an option but honestly it is great forethought if you want to become the best you can be.

      You raise a good question. I’ve been seeking answers as to making a switch before I attend OCS. Currently I’m looking at attending Winter OCS in January 2019. But I can’t submit my application until October. So it leaves open a lot of uncertainty of wether I get selected. I’m not sure how hard it is to switch to the Navy, try for a contract, if I don’t get it by October, switch back and shoot for OCS deadline and try to go MARSOC in a few years.

      Best of of luck and if you ever want to connect on any of it let me know. It’s nice to know people are looking into the same routes.


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        Those are two badass career paths but be wary about trying to go MARSOC as an officer, I think it is extremely difficult to get selected for Raider training (or whatever it is called) as an officer, similar to being selected for BUDs as an officer.

        But I am with you on the fact that I have a massive itch that I don't think the Marine Corps can satisfy. Mainly because I have an AIR contract, so I wouldn't even be on the ground if I went Marines. I believe turning down the commision doesn't affect future enlistments, but I am not 100% sure which prompted the question.

        As far as OCS if you get selected then you have to attend, but you can DOR after 4 weeks (double check me on that), but that would make you a quitter so don't do that. What do you mean by 'switch to Navy'?

        Also, keep this thread updated on your process with the Marine Corps OCS, and how it ties in with future Navy enlistment. I will do the same. There are no other threads about this topic.



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          Yeah will do man. I think ultimately it’s just going to come down to a choice beforehand. The application deadline for OCS is in October. Depending on when I have an official document waiving my pec injury I may switch gears and take a PST.
          I think you’re right about MARSOC though, in multiple places I’ve read they select from 1st LTs and Captains with a deployment under their belts.