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    I'm currently active duty looking to laterally covert to the SO rating. My year group is 2015 I think, I graduated from RTC in October of 2015. If my year group is actually 2015, is there any way I can qualify for a waiver because I'm so close to the 2016 year group?

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    For starters get in touch with you CCC and get your YG nailed down for sure.

    I don't know if it's a 'waiver' per se, but from my knowledge it is possible to get picked up out of year group.

    Good Criteria:
    - No NJPs
    - Above 3 average on evals
    - Leadership positions / Attractive collateral duties (ACFL, etc.)
    -Seriously incredible PST scores
    -Solid letters of Recommendation

    This is not a set in stone standard, rather just criteria I've gathered through an acquaintance in the community. Most fleet convert packages are just better than optimum PST scores (9:30/75/75/15/9:30), so if you want a shot you're going to need to be even more attractive then them. I'm out of year group and my situation is 8:05/93/95/21/9:15, and the only other prior service candidate that I know that got picked up was 7:45/100+/100+/25/8:00 (this was before year groups were instituted.) So use 8-flats for a training goal (45-50 sec pool laps), 1:20 laps on a 400yd track. I would recommend Stew Smiths 12-weeks to buds, and do some weeks over and over.

    The goal of the community is to get bodies through the program, so that means selecting candidates who have a statistically significant chance to do that. So check out the hell week statistical study they did over a list of exercises, and focus on the important ones. Also need to get your CCC on board, and have them working outside the box after you have bomb pst scores. Your objective is to get your package to the ECM. Once there, it's hard to believe the ECM would deny someone with such stud scores and solid motivation, but bureaucracy is what it is and there are rules for a reason.

    Personally my plan is to keep grinding, keep submitting, and if a year or so goes by reevaluate. Never know what can happen, with the last Community Summary update they started accepting PACT 2019 so you never know how the needs will change. Stay hopeful.
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      "I didn't get picked up by the SEALs when I first tried," said Lt. j.g. Ethan Strauser, who is now slated to start BUD/S. "I started coming to the swim program six years ago trying to get with FTP. If you show you are motivated to be SEAL/SWCC they will do everything they can to help you. Commitment is huge. You have to be able to push through road blocks - if this is your dream don't let anybody tell you no."

      This is an excerpt from an article detailing Mark Courrier's Fleet Transition Program, pretty much sums everything up.