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Multiple broken bones

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  • Multiple broken bones

    Will I need a waiver? I’ve Broken my hip, pelvis, left wrist twice, collarbone. None of these have been in the last 9-10 years and none have pins or screws to repair.

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    Tons of threads on this. Plus google. Stew Smith just updated this article last week.

    Yes waivers are necessary, the gist of bone and joint waivers revolves around hardware, 100% mobility, no pain, no recurring issues (dislocations, instability), and no deformities. You need to also have detailed documentation of each incident from start to finish.

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      keep your mouth shut and listen to your recruiter


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        FrogMANnowN4ever. I don't think he means to lie to MEPs but sometimes things just don't need to be shared. For example. If you had an allergic reaction to mushrooms. Just don't eat the mushrooms but that doesn't mean you have to tell MEPs but if you have sense enough to know "hey, that's a mushroom, I don't need to eat it" and be on your merry way, then that's what you do. Just listen to your recruiter, they'll tell you the safest and easiest way to get through it.

        Good Luck!