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Antidepressants Waiver: What is my best plan of action?

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  • Antidepressants Waiver: What is my best plan of action?

    Hello, I am a rising junior in college, hoping to enlist in two years.
    I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed an antidepressant a few months ago, in the aftermath of a very severe case of mono and a death in the family.

    From what I can tell, this rules me out. However, I very much want to become a SEAL and would like to know if I still have any hope of doing so and what my best course of action is going forward.

    I have not yet spoken with a recruiter because I didn't know how much I should disclose about this. Should I get off the meds and not disclose it at all? Or would it be better to be fully transparent about it and attempt to get some sort of waiver?

    Given that this occurred after coming down with mono and a death in the family I think I may be able to make the argument that I never really had depression to begin with.

    I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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    If you apply to a recruiter while on meds then it is definitely a disqualifier. However, if the events represented an episodic condition, and a doctor describes you as not currently having depression, then there could be a chance. I would recommend getting a new diagnosis and getting off the meds, unless of course you really need them, then the discussion is moot.
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