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Here’s the usual age old question... about age limit.

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  • Here’s the usual age old question... about age limit.

    I’ll try to make this as brief and painless as possible.

    I am currently 28 years old, and vying for an SO contract. I know 28 is officially the cutoff. I’ve read that as long as you ship out before your 29th Bday(even if just a month prior) you should still be eligible. However, other sources I’ve read stated that you must actually make it to BUD/S before your 29th. If it’s the latter, that totally changes the game for me. Really hoping to get an ‘official’ answer on which is which.


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    The age requirement is about selection for BUD/S. If you are selected and enter the Navy (boot camp) before your 29th birthday you are set. It doesn't matter if you turn 29 the day after you arrive at boot. Specifically, the recruiting manual states "Applicants requesting the SO option must be 28 years of age or less at time of enlistment." The 'time of enlistment' is the day you ship off to boot, your first day in the Navy.
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      Thank you Mr. Williams, for you swift and detailed response!