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Will really minor knock knees disqualify me

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  • Will really minor knock knees disqualify me

    Hello, I have really minor knock knees that don’t hinder my performance or anything, but I was wondering if I will be disqualified for SO contract for it. Does anyone know someone who went to buds with knock knee?

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    Do you have a doctors record of knock knee?

    Check the medical disqualifications forms and see if knock knee falls under a DQ. If so then push for another rate that rewards your current qualifications, you can help the NSW community in many, many ways. Big Navy just pushes for SpecWar Recruiting because it gives them highly qualified guys that DOR and also they're trying to bolster NSW numbers which has watered down the ETHOS quite a bit.. Hence the recent calls for ethics reviews etc by Commanders. Don't think SO is your only option brother the community has many positions you can fill that will help the cause of being a Global Force of Good.
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