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  • Dual Citizenship

    Anyone else deal with having a dual citizenship and still qualifying for a contract after renouncing it? I know you have to renounce the dual citizenship of the other country, but what has your process been like? And for which country? Mine is Syria and it is pretty much impossible as their embassy closed down in the USA a few years ago, and I shouldn’t contact foreign consulates or embassies. I’m currently in DEP (I’m getting out DEP) with the USMC and a gunnery sergeant in recommended I write a formal letter renouncing my Syrian citizenship to the nearest embassy, have it notarized, make my intent clear, and have them sign and mail it back. He said someone did that since they had dual citizenship with a Central American country and that was enough for MEPS. So that’s my next step. Tell me your stories down below or anything else. Thank you.

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    If they say that is acceptable DO IT. To my knowledge you can't renounce Syrian citizenry formally. I gave up my citizenship to a country that won't be mentioned formally. Just get it done ASAP

    You can't get a TS/SCI without renouncing allegience to foreign nations and renouncing citizenry. If you can't give it up then kiss any NSW route goodbye because you wont get a clearance as a dual.
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      Wow. Hey man, I'm glad you posted this because i didn't Know that Dual citizenship is a problem. I have one too. I hope it doesn't take long. Please post if that letter you wrote worked.