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  • Helping lower back pain

    For many years, I have been a decent-ish runner but have always had lower back pain while running. Over the last 8 months or so, my training has gone berserk due to life situations. However, I tried maintaining a good strength base and did sort of powerlifting training. With that given, I deadlifted a lot and managed to get a PR of 3x my body weight. I only weigh about 170 so it’s not a world record or anything but it’s not bad in my opinion. And one thing I always opted for was perfect form every single time I’d lift that bar. I recently started training for the PST again and i noticed that lower back pains is not a problem at all anymore and I know it was because of deadlifting. I highly encourage this to others who have the same problem, just keep in mind to have PERFECT form. Don’t worry about being the strongest dude in the gym, worry about your form first and foremost. Bad form will only make your back pain worse. Good day gents and keep getting after it.

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    Yep. I've had terrible back pain like 3 years ago. Stuart Mcguil's "Back Mechanic" saved me. Basically 1.) Never, NEVER bend your back for anything 2.) Bend at the hips and knees 3.) Do planks. Oh yeah, and do NOT do deadlifts. the risk is not with the reward, but you sound like you're careful about it. Do more planks, try not to bend your back and you should be good to go.