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tips to prevent/cure shin splints

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  • tips to prevent/cure shin splints

    I have been reading through many posts commenting on shin splints, how to prevent them, cure them ect. In my track and field background i have had to deal with anterior shin splints for many months. I finally found a way to prevent/ cure shin splints.

    1. before you run be sure to properly stretch out the calf, hamstring, hip flexors, groin peroneus longus, and muscles on the foot using dynamic stretches.
    2. after you stretch and before you run, walk/jog a lap (400m or so) backwards(i know, sounds crazy but it strengthens the muscles on the front of the shin that cause shin splints)
    3. after your run be sure to use static stretches to stretch out your legs
    4. after your stretches, while standing, get a golf ball place it on the ground and roll the arch of your foot over it(be sure to put pressure on the golf ball)
    5. after you use the golf ball, while standing place both of your heels together with toes of one foot away from the other foot(forming a V with your feet), proceed to do calf raises in this position shoot for 3x10 after your running workout
    6. after doing the calf raises, place the front of both feet together with heels apart(pigeon toed position) and do calf raises in this position. 3x10
    7. finish up the process with foam rolling out the muscles in the shin and in the leg

    In doing this during every running workout i have found that this program prevents/ cures shin splints.