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  • Posture

    This is a video from Eliot Hulse of the Strength Camp youtube. He talks about how you may have anterior pelvic tilt when you run from a variety of reasons putting an imbalanced load on your calves.

    Idk about you guys but I have noticed when I see my reflection in a house window or something when I'm running that my posture (especially my hips) is some how out of sorts considering I generally consciously have good posture, and lately when I hit the track as opposed to running on pavement I have been doing the shin splint walk of shame home every. ****. time.

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    Re: Posture

    This is interesting, but I think there are some things you can try before going further down the trail.

    When you run, the ankle has to bend at least 20 degrees toward your shin. If you ankle lacks flexibility, gravity and biomechanics will look other places to put the stress from each stride - your shins. An inability to make this 20 degree bend is usually do to tight calves, so stretching your calves makes sense.

    Another thing to try is working on the strength of the glute medius, which will translate to proper knee tracking. Chances are, if you are following a balanced training program and have some experience with it, proper core strength isn't the issue when it comes to your running. You may have an anterior pelvic tilt, but if it isn't extreme and causing you pain, I wouldn't worry about it. Corrective stretching can be used if you are concerned about it (lower back stretch/hip flexor stretch).