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Rest, sleep, calisthenics, & cardio: proper rest techniques

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  • Rest, sleep, calisthenics, & cardio: proper rest techniques

    Run and swim as much as you want. This will help you build lean muscle. Remember, swimming doesn't put any pressure on your joints and body.

    With calisthenics, take every other day off. If you want to work out often, go hard for two days on your workout plan. On that third day, take a full 1-3 days of rest.

    Muscles get less weak after 8 days of stopping a workout in the 6th day you will be amazingly strong.

    My plan is to compete the PJ CCT SOWT preparation program guide, take 4 days off, and then go from there! Feels great.

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    If I take 4 days off, then that will give my muscles a chance to rebuild.

    So I think you're doing a great job you just need more rest so give yourself 5 days off.

    Rich is not a doctor to my mother's dismay.


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    Are you really suggesting that people take 3 days off after working out for 2 days? Man, you realize what you’re training for right? BUD/s isn’t a cakewalk (and I quote you- “BUD/s looks like a walk in the park today”).In addition, never take 8 days off unless you have an injury. Just follow the ptg listed on this site, and you’ll be good.