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Shoulder popping/hurting

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  • Shoulder popping/hurting

    I was recently diagnosed with Shoulder Impingement, and was told to take two weeks off from training. The doctor gave me a cortisone injection and said I should be fine after the two weeks. Since then, I have had minimal pain, but during lateral motions during swimming and upper body workouts, there is a consistent double popping in the shoulder and I am not exactly sure what this is indicating, nor am I sure what I should do about it. It has gotten worse lately so I am putting training on hiatus for a weeks to see if it helps. Does anyone know what this might be and what I can do to fix it and prevent it from occurring again?

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    Re: Shoulder popping/hurting

    Tendonitis likely related to the impingement... As long as you aren't feeling that your shoulder is unstable... The shoulder prevention program on this site would be a good choice to help strengthen your cuff...


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      Re: Shoulder popping/hurting

      Here are links to two workouts I do every day that have done wonders for strengthening my shoulders, resulting in completely eliminating my shoulder pain. Hope they help-

      I would also recommend not going too deep and heavy on shoulder lifts suck as military press, etc. Lastly, obviously the videos on this website are the gold standard, do not neglect the resources on this website. They are on here for a reason.


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        Re: Shoulder popping/hurting

        Thanks for the help!


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          Re: Shoulder popping/hurting

          No problem. Let me know if it helps.


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            Re: Shoulder popping/hurting

            I do this every other morning, simply amazing