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Pushing through Tendinitis pain or resting it?

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  • Pushing through Tendinitis pain or resting it?

    The last week or so Ive noticed some pain in my elbow when doing pushups & pullups. Im assuming its tendinitis, besides icing it and taking NSAIDs should I be resting it and laying off the pushups and pull ups for a couple day or just push through it? I hate to be a b**** and not work out for a few days

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    I found that when I rolled out my triceps with a roller stick my elbow pain went away. Also, double check your push up and pull up form is in check.


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      Forearm stretches are absolutely essential. Youtube forearm stretches they will help tremendously. Also, I'm new here, how do I start a post?


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        Get a softball/LX-ball and roll out your shoulders too. Tightness in your anterior/medial delt can cause strain on your arms. Take the ball and put it against the wall, find tight spots in your chest and delts, then either do small rolls or just force the ball into that spot and hold for 30 seconds to release it. If you can hold the spot, and force the muscle through its range of motion, that works wonders. This is called dynamic trigger point release, or pin and stretch.


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          I wouldn’t stop working out. Chances are it will go away on its own. If it doesn’t or it gets worse, adjust your technique/volume/frequency and see if that has an effect.