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Elbow/Shoulder Pain (Especially When Swimming)

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  • Elbow/Shoulder Pain (Especially When Swimming)

    I have a medical appointment set up a few weeks from now to get this looked at, just wondering if anybody on here has had something similar. Usually a few weeks after getting back into the groove of things I start experiencing a throbbing/sharp pain in the back of my elbow (where the tricep is, not forearm), it kind of radiates into the shoulder (I originally thought it was a shoulder problem, but after massaging my entire arm when it's enflamed I can safely say it's my elbow). It usually starts acting up after a good session of push-ups and pull-ups, but it starts up immediately after a lap in the pool. When it gets bad I take a month or two off to let it heal, ice it, stretch it, a little shoulder mobility, etc.. but it's happened on three occasions back to back to back, I cant keep taking months off of training. Only thing i can think of is starting off with too much too quickly, but this time getting back into it I started with the bare minimum on the PTG and worked into the higher numbers pretty gradually.. still happened again. I switch sides in the pool every time I hit the wall, I do rotator cuff exercises and mobility, plenty of stretching, plan my workouts symmetrically, gradually worked into it, eat right, sleep right, etc.. anybody experience anything similar? Like I said, I have the doc appointment in a few weeks, just wanted to see if anybody experienced the same thing. Definitely dont think its swimmers shoulder either, maybe elbow tendonitis? But it doesn't hit my wrist/forearms so I'm not sure.

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    Are you swimming only CSS or is there some other strokes in there too - freestyle? I've seen swimmers hit shoulder problems by over-rotating their entries in free, meaning going in thumb first (excessive internal rotation) instead of pinky first which is a more natural shoulder stance. I can't say I've seen elbow trouble directly from this, but it's possible that it's referring from the shoulder if that's the case.