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Advice for healing a Stress Fracture

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  • Advice for healing a Stress Fracture

    I recent found out I have a stress fracture on my left tibia. I thought it was just bad shin splints, but I went in and got a bone scan done and the fracture popped right up.

    I am asking if anyone has any advice or tips for helping to heal stress fractures, or things that worked for them. I have already taken two weeks off of running prior to this xray and I will be taking many weeks off to come. So far lifting legs and walking does not set me back, but I'm not sure if these movement are actually prolonging my recovery or not.

    I have just under 4 months till I ship with a SWCC contract, but any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: Advice for healing a Stress Fracture

    Don't run, you can still swim and do pushups, situps, pullups. It's not going to set you back as much as you think, do some calf raises with your Bodyweight, maybe some bodyweight squats to keep your muscles conditioned as long as you're not putting shock and stress on your fracture.


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      Re: Advice for healing a Stress Fracture

      Any word on what would happen if the fracture isn't healed prior to your shp date, do you get rolled?


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        Re: Advice for healing a Stress Fracture

        Disagree with the above... couple of things to do:

        1) Get your primary care guy to check your vitamin d level and supplement it up to 50.
        2) Get an aqua jogger belt and run in the pool.... not as good as running on hard surfaces, but works some running specific muscles (hip flexors) that biking doesnt.
        3) Bike in place of your interval and CHI runs... it will keep up your aerobic fitness and some of the quad/hamstring/calf

        Are you pain free yet? If not then minimize walking, and even consider a boot or crutches until you are pain free.

        pm me if i can help


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          Re: Advice for healing a Stress Fracture

          Go to your doctor and listen to his advice.

          I would advise against blindly following people's advice on the internet with regards to training and injuries without having consulted with a professional.

          They will most likely tell you to rest and avoid activies that could cause further injury and may give you alternative workouts.

          Once again, consult with a doctor first.


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            Re: Advice for healing a Stress Fracture

            Thanks again to all who have commented here. I sort of forgot about this thread, so apologies for the delayed response. I have healed from the injury and I am trying to slowly build my running back up to par. But in regards to PapaUrsa, I am not sure whether or not an injury would effect a ship date or not, since I will be good to go by mine. I was basically told from a doctor to rest 6-8 weeks no impact, then slowly build running from there. The injury actually lingered for far longer than 8 weeks and I ended up attending physical therapy and am now back on track.

            In my personal opinion, I would go and see a Doctor who is very fitness oriented or one that is a sport specific doctor. The guy I saw didn't seem like he had an "athlete's mindset" and was very bland.

            But thanks again for the responses and I wish everyone the best in their endeavors.



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              Stress Fracture in #5 Lumbar

              I have a stress fracture in my #5 Lumbar and I am trying to heal it ASAP. The sooner it heals, the sooner I can get back to training. If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!