Manual of the Medical Department

Questions about medical procedures?
Go to, scroll down to MANMED Change 126 (pages 51-112) and download the document. The pertinent section is Article 15-105 Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations.
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Dilated Opthalmoscopic Exam in Pipeline?

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  • Dilated Opthalmoscopic Exam in Pipeline?

    How is everyone doing,

    I had an adverse reaction to the solution which they use to dilate the eyes during an eye exam. So, my question is if any of the medical exams throughout the SEALS pipeline (physical at MEPS, physical at bootcamp, Navy dive physical, or others if there are any) have a dilated eye exam in them? A follow up question is are these 3 the only medical exams in the pipeline? I heard a rumor of a HALO/Scuba Physical/Eye exam. Just wanna know if I need to worry about having a dilated eye exam, because if so I will need to figure out a solution.

    Thanks for any replies